Treasure Products Vibra-Tector 740 PI Waterproof Pinpointer


Scuba Diving Treasure Products Vibra-Tector 740 PI Waterproof Pinpointer

Product highlights

  • Total Weight : 1 lb (450 grams)
  • Frequency : Pulse Induction
  • Warranty : 1-year limited warranty
  • Waterproof : Fully submersible to depths of 100 feet
  • Vibration : Yes
  • LED Light : Yes
  • Search Mode : All metal
  • Battery Type : 9-volt battery
  • Communication : When a target is located the Vibra-Tector 740 signals with pulses of vibration and flashes of bright light from a white LED.
  • Detection Depth Stability : Advanced electronic circuitry maintains detection distance throughout the life of the battery.
  • Target Distancing : As you get closer to the target the pulses of
  • vibration and light will increase in quantity.
  • Automatic Tuning : The state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled
  • design requires no adjustments of any kind.
  • Origin : Made in the USA
  • Included Accessories : Holster, 9-volt battery
Product Description

Treasure Products Vibra-Tector 740 PI Waterproof Pin pointer
Submersible to 100′ (30 m)

The Vibra-Tector 740 PI is a state of the art handheld pin pointer that communicates with pulses of vibration and light, incorporates Pulse Induction (PI) technology and is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet. The self-calibrating microprocessor controlled circuitry requires no adjustments. The unique sealed design allows detecting in any environment including grass, mud, dirt, sand, black sand, or even in fresh or salt water.

  • Quick Look The Vibra-Tector 740 PI is a sealed, waterproof pin pointer that works everywhere. (underwater up to 100 ft). Has vibration + audio feedback.
  • SKU 384-VT740
  • Hot Deal No
  • Manufacturer SKU VT740
  • Manufacturer Treasure Products
  • Product Type Pin pointers
More Information

Treasure Products Vibra-Tector 740 PI Waterproof Pin pointer

Technical Specifications:

  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Tuning : Automatic
  • Search Mode : All Metal
  • Weight : 1 lb (450 grams)
  • Coil Diameter : 4 Inches (10 cm)
  • Detection Type : Pulse Induction
  • Power : One Standard 9v Battery
  • Overall Length : 17 Inches (43 cm)
  • Communication : Vibration and Light
  • Waterproof : Submersible to 100 Feet (30 meters)



  • Low Battery Indicator : Built-In Low Battery Sensor Alerts you when the Battery is Low and Needs Replacing
  • Solid Construction : The Vibra-Tector™ Rugged Sealed Construction and Stainless Steel Hardware are Built to Last
  • Automatic Tuning : The State of the Art Microprocessor Controlled Electronics Requires No Adjustments of Any Kind
  • Belt Ring & Wrist Strap : Includes a Belt Ring to Attach to Any Common Belt Clip as well as a Wrist Strap for Added Security
  • Pulse Induction (PI) : This Technology Allows Hunting at the Beach in Salt Water or in any Type of Soil, Including Black Sand
  • Target Distancing : The Pulses of Vibration and Light will Continue to Increase in Quantity as the Coil gets Closer to the Target
  • Tilt On & Off : The Vibra-Tector™ uses our Exclusive Tilt On & Off System that Eliminates the Need for Fragile Push Button Switches
  • Detection Depth Stability : Our Latest Advanced Circuitry Maintains the Unit’s Detection Distance throughout the Life of the Battery
  • Communicates with Vibration & Light : When a Target is Located the Vibra-Tector™ 740 Signals with Pulses of Vibration and Flashes of Bright LED Light
  • Compact Design : Because of its Small Overall Size, the Vibra-Tector™ is Easy to Carry and Can Fit in Almost Any Small Suitcase or Backpack for Travel
  • Easy Battery Installation : The Standard Nine-Volt Battery is Quickly Changed without Tools. Simply Rotate the Rear Knob and Pull Out the Compression Seal to Access the Battery Compartment
  • Waterproof : Unique Sealed Design can be Used in Almost Any Environment Including Fresh or Salt Water to a Depth of 100 Feet. This Makes the Vibra-Tector™ an Ideal Tool for Divers or the Beach
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 100 cm


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