SOLA Light and Motion Photo 1200 Lumens Underwater Focus / Photo Light


Scuba Diving SOLA Light and Motion Photo 1200 Lumens Underwater Focus / Photo Light

Top Product Features:

  • This focus light is small yet very powerful. It has 1200 lumens of power. It also features 3 power settings providing a choice of different light intensity of 7100K white light and allowing the use of a lower power and longer burn time.
  • The Sola Photo 1200 features 3 levels of Red light, 300 lumens of power, which can be very useful when shooting underwater critters, it will be easier to focus on these creatures since they cannot detect the red light.
  • You can easily toggle white and red beam with just one touch. This light also comes with an SOS feature which you can use when in distress or having problems and may need assistance. It also comes with a colored status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management.
  • It is lightweight, compact in size which makes it easy to carry around, can be mounted onto your housing or wrist with optional accessories.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery – The light includes an internal battery and is charged by a magnetic connector which does not penetrate the pressure resistant casing. This way, this light hardly has any maintenance.

Main Specs:

  • Model Name: SOLA Photo 1200
  • Lumens: 1200
  • Mount: Camera, Wrist
  • Beam Angle: 60 Deg
  • Battery Type: Internal Lithium Ion
  • Max Burn Time: 70 min (high), 140 min (medium), 280 min (low)

This product is supplied directly from our supporting partner. Mozaik UW Cameras

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